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Yaneek Page Drops the Mic On the JPS Black Out

Yaneek Page on JPS black out

The JPS black out (power outage)…

On Saturday August 27, 2016 there was yet another JPS black out. This black out affected THE ENTIRE ISLAND, for approximately 5 hours in some major areas. JPS or Jamaica Public Service is the main electricity provider in Jamaica. They are known for their frequent power outages and it is something a small business has to keep in mind. These black outs are yet another thing that hinders innovation and progress in Jamaica.

Yaneek Page, is an entrepreneur and Jamaica’s business guru who focuses on training and assisting entrepreneurs in Jamaica. Yesterday she proved that not only is she a BOSS (business savvy and getting her life), but she’s also a very compassionate person.

Responding to someone who was aloof to the ramifications of the black out, Page posted this on her social media:

“When people say “it’s just a power cut, relax” it shows just how myopic some of us can be. This is month end before the start of the school year. You know how many hairdressers, barbers, small shops, stalls, party promoters & small businesses feel it tonight? You know how many people can’t reach home? How many can’t eat? How much food, plans & business spoil? I was at the spa when midway service – braps, the power went! Customers had to leave, many will need to be compensated. Staff had to be sent home yet must be paid. Many who were trying to leave couldn’t get taxis. This is more than inconvenience. There are people who got married & their reception blacked out. Imagine that! So those of you who are caught up in the comforts of your privilege just stop gloating & expand your minds to think of the implications for your fellow, not so fortunate citizens.”

*mic drop*


But seriously tho… the JPS black outs happen too often, especially for what they charge… and dis one did just too bad.

By the way, who Page forgot to mention was the sick and shut-in, who may rely on the power for machines that aid them and lessen their discomfort. Nuh all ah wi can afford fi buy one generator or install solar panels. Nuh all ah wi have cell phone (with nuff battery life and/or data plan) or  a cool, safe verandah with insect repellant. So, let’s remember to stay compassionate and grateful.

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