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Top 8 Reasons for Haiti’s Poor State: The Clintons, USA, Canada, The UN etc

Top 8 reasons why Haiti is in a poor state

The media of western first world  countries love to repeat the phrase “Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere”, but they like to conveniently forget that they (the western first world countries) played a DIRECT role in making sure of it. Haiti is therefore not the poorest, but THE MOST EXPLOITED COUNTRY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Listed in this article are the top reasons for Haiti’s poor state.

1. Haitian slaves were the first to take, not receive, their freedom [The Haitian Revolution].

Quite the trend setter, Haiti was the first European colony whose slaves obtained freedom by taking it instead of receiving it. Since August 21, 1791 when a Jamaican named Dutty Bookman lead the first slave uprising in Haiti, the people of Haiti have been trying to catch a break from the ex-colonizers of the world. After the initial slave uprising, Toussaint L’Ouverture led the revolution then Jean-Jacques Dessalines. The ex slaves who dominated the population of Haiti, fought for their freedom for almost 12 years. This period of rebellion (from 1791 to 1803), was known as the Haitian Revolution.

2. France, Spain and The US bullied the little island Haiti.

Like in a sick game of darts, players France, Spain and The US took turns throwing darts in the form of war at Haiti, the fragile target board. Though fragile, Haiti was resilient and managed to keep these countries from re-colonizing them for 12 years after the slave uprising.

By 1802 the Haitian rebellion lead by Toussaint L’Ouverture had succeeded in killing about 55,000 French soldiers. In 1803, Napoleon agreed to let Haiti be and later that year a tired Napoleon sold the territory to the US (the transaction was called the Louisiana Purchase). Pressure on Haiti from France and the USA is still existent to this day.

3. They [ex-colonizers] didn’t want to see the rise of black men.

“My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Dominque [Haiti] is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block forever the march of the blacks in the world.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

“The prospect of a Black Republic is equally disturbing to the Spanish, the English and the Americans. Jefferson has promised that on the instant the French Army has arrived [in Haiti] all measures will be taken to starve Toussaint and rid us of these gilded Negroes, and we will have nothing more to wish for.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

4. France extorted 21 Billion USD from Haiti in the form of “reparations”.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared independence on January 1, 1804. However, it was not until 1825 that French finally acknowledged Haiti as an independent republic. This was only realized because the French forced Haiti to pay the modern equivalent of 21 Billion USD in reparations to France for all the slaves and plantations lost during the revolution. Ironically, France gave Haiti a loan to pay the reparations and payments were made until the debt was cleared in 1947. This loan is what indebted Haiti and played a big part in stunting the growth of their economy.


5. They [Canada, The US and France] meddle in Haiti’s local politics – all the better to exploit Haiti.

A 2013 Canadian article by Yvesengler discussed the complaints of Jean-Charles, a then Haitian Senator, that countries such as Canada, The US and France, who give Haiti aid only make Haiti’s situation worse. The following is an excerpt from the article:

“Since Aristide’s [a past Haitian president’s] government was overthrown in February 2004, Haiti Progrès and Haiti Liberté newspapers have described Canada as an “occupying force,” “coup supporter” or “imperialist” at least a hundred times. The Haitian weeklies have detailed Ottawa’s role in planning the coup; destabilizing the elected government; building a repressive Haitian police force; justifying politically motivated arrests and killings; militarizing post-earthquake disaster relief; pushing the exclusion of Haiti’s most popular party, Fanmi Lavalas, from participating in elections.”

… “It is clear that Martelly does not have the legitimacy or the credibility to lead the country,” Senator Jean-Charles told this week’s Haiti Liberté after 10,000- 50,000 took to the streets of Port-au-Price. “We are asking the Americans, French, and Canadians to come and collect their errand boy because he cannot lead the country anymore.”

6. UN peace keepers have “aided”, exploited and violated Haitians since 2004.

UN peace keepers are often accused and found guilty of human rights violations and exploitation of the population they are meant to protect. In a Nacla article entitled “Soldiers Without a Cause: Why Are Thousands of UN Troops Still in Haiti?” , it is discussed that since the 2004 coup (against the democratically elected government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide), the UN Peace Keepers were dispatched to Haiti where they have been doing more harm than good.

The article further explains that the appointment of the UN troops is how the U.S. has outsourced its control of Haiti: “classified U.S. State Department documents made available by WikiLeaks reveal that the United States has a leadership role behind the scenes”.

This is what was said in one of the leaked cables by Sanderson, a past US ambassador: “Without a UN-sanctioned peacekeeping and stabilization force, we [The US] would be getting far less help from our hemispheric and European partners in managing Haiti.”

The Nacla article also explains that the UN troops would conduct raids and intimidate the Haitians in the poor areas of the country, such as the slums in Port-Au-Prince. The UN troops would interfere in local politics by intimidating those that didn’t support the Haitian government the US put in power. Throughout the capital city you can find graffiti which expresses Haiti’s dislike for the UN troops.

According to the Nacla article, the UN troops were the cause for the cholera outbreak after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti: “United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal, where cholera is endemic, had been seen dumping sewage into the Meille River, a tributary of the Artibonite, which provides drinking water to tens of thousands of people. Several scientific studies, and eventually a report from the UN itself, showed the clear link between UN troops and the cholera outbreak.”

UN peace keepers were found guilty of sexually assaulting at least 225 Haitian women and minors (including infants) in exchange for food and medicine – and the problem had been known for almost a decade.

7. The Clintons oversaw relief efforts (nefarious schemes) in Haiti.

Bill Clinton was appointed the UN Special Envoy to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Hillary’s State Department, working with USAID (United States Agency for International Development) oversaw America’s relief efforts in Haiti. The IHRC, Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, was established to coordinate the plans for relief. Two men were named co-chairs of the IHRC Executive Committee, Bill Clinton and the Haitian Prime Minister at that time, Jean-Max Bellerive.

Aid programs such as USAID, Red Cross and the Clinton Foundation have been accused of defrauding Haiti out of US billions of dollars in donations since the 2010 earthquake.

The Haitian government officials complain that Bill Clinton would close on deals and coordinate plans without the input of the Haitian government or people. The Clintons have also been accused of being the reason for the continued delay for the 2016 presidential election because they want to ensure a “puppet” president (someone who the US can control) is elected. According to a BBC report, “A report by the US Institute of Peace once suggested that Haiti was a “Republic of NGOs”, [NGOs] which were able to cream off local talent by offering higher salaries than the government could afford”.

8. The Clintons are the mediators for rich business men who wish to invest in [exploit] Haiti.

US ambassador to Haiti sent a document to the state department which was poignantly entitle, “The Gold Rush is On”. It was a document to inform the State department about the many multinational corporations who were rushing to obtain contracts and “invest” in Haiti a few days after the earthquake in 2010. Some of the biggest contract winners included: The CEO of Digicel, which provided a service that allowed Haitians to send and receive money via cellphones, VCS Mining who was a recipient of permits for exploitation of Haiti’s Gold mines and finally, a Korean company who got to be the main operators of Caracol Industrial Park.

VCS Mining is a company that is heavily involved with Tony Rodham, Hillary’s brother. VCS Mining received a 26 YEAR EXPLOITATION CONTRACT and was also the first in 50 years to receive permits for gold exploitation in Haiti.  Caracol Industrial Park was a program that promised jobs for over 60,000 persons, but jobs for less that 10% of that figure has been provided. Bill Clinton also allegedly stopped rice production in Haiti and now the main source of rice comes from his brother’s rice factory in Arkansa.

This video by Fox News reveals more details of the Clinton’s involvement in Haiti.



Haiti has to take responsibility for some of its own actions that harm its economy and health, but the blunt of the blame should be on the ubiquitous external forces which manipulate Haiti. How else would you have expected things to turn out for Haiti? Haiti was founded by a people: who were kidnapped from their original country, shipped to a foreign land and enslaved… who took their own freedom and were then punished for it… whose descendants have inherited eternal abuse because they took their own freedom from their kidnappers instead of receiving it.


  • A citizen of a country that was once a colony.
  • Enraged at the abuse of Haiti and the media’s portrayal of Haiti.
  • From a country which is also manipulated and exploited by ex-colonizers.
  • Of the opinion that ex-colonies developed Stockholm syndrome after they were given independence from their colonizers.

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