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Sean Paul On Marcus Garvey Movie, Cultural Appropriation

Sean Paul speaks about Marcus Garvey on The Breakfast Club

Sean Paul wants a Marcus Garvey movie made and speaks on cultural appropriation

Sean Paul is an internationally acclaimed Jamaican artiste who recently achieved his 3rd number 1 single on the UK charts. Several days ago he did an interview with the radio show, The Breakfast Club in New York where he promoted his new song, “No Lie” and discussed hot topics like the exoneration of Marcus Garvey and the media’s portrayal of Jamaica (see video below).

In his interview, the singer revealed that he doesn’t have a problem with foreign artistes using reggae beats or mimicking the genre as long as these foreign artistes give credit to the persons or songs that inspire them. Later, host Charlamange asked for Sean Paul’s opinion on Nick Cannon’s movie, King of the Dance Hall. Sean Paul replied saying Nick Cannon did a good job at depicting the Dancehall culture. Sean Paul then reveals that he suggested that Nick Cannon work on the production of a film about Jamaica’s national hero, Marcus Garvey. Sean Paul  states that he admires the great Marcus Garvey and thinks a bio pic of  Garvey’s life is important and needed today. Sean Paul thinks a film of Garvey would be very interesting as there were some controversies attached to Garvey.

In the interview, Sean Paul later informs the radio show hosts that there is an attempt by JA’s government to get Marcus Garvey’s US criminal record exonerated. The attempt he is referring to is a failed online petition that has been launched several times due to the fact that it could not get a mere 100,000 signatures.  Sean Paul warns of the need and importance of a film about Marcus Garvey. The lack of support for the aforementioned petition makes evident the need for the film.

More on Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey was a Jamaican black nationalist and Pan-African advocate who revered the teachings of Booker T Washington and helped to spark the black pride movement. With what he learned from Washington’s words and how he witnessed the blacks being treated in America he was inspired  to establish the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association). The UNIA was founded in New York, USA in 1917 with the motto ‘One God! One Aim! One Destiny!’ and the objective, to improve the rights and status of those of African descent (especially African-Americans) while respecting the rights of all mankind.

Garvey was a trend setter, he was actually the first to proclaim “black is beautiful” long before the phrase became popular in the 1960s. Garvey’s teachings sparked a movement called Garveyism which was founded on the philosophy that all African/African slave descendants outside of Africa should return to Africa, their homeland. Garveyism later inspired other black pride related movements such as the Nation of Islam and Rastafarianism.

Sean Paul, a film is already on the way and it needs your support

A plan to start production of a film on the great Marcus Garvey has already been announced. Film producer/director Roy T. Anderson and Marcus Garvey’s son, Julius Garvey who were the makers of the aforementioned petition are the men behind this Garvey film initiative.  They probably require more funds to get things going. Perhaps Sean Paul and his friends could invest or donate some money for the film’s production.

Roy T. Anderson is a Jamaican born, internationally award-winning film maker who made the documentary film “Queen Nanny“. Queen Nanny is about another Jamaican national hero, Nanny of the Maroons. Anderson’s film and story telling reputation is stupendous, so nothing but the best is expected if the making of his Marcus Garvey film comes to fruition.

Start video at 16:00 to hear Sean Paul discuss Garvey


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