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Obvious Signs You’re A Modern Day Hippie

Here are 14 obvious signs you’re a modern day hippie. All of these signs may not apply to you but if you’re reading this it’s probably because you have questioned whether you are a hippie or not; maybe you have already considered yourself a hippie or maybe you’ve been called a hippie before. This list isn’t to be taken too seriously… and just want to point out: I consider myself a hippie as well (one of the hashtags for the @lightyourfireisland Instagram page is even #islandhippie) and NOT ALL these signs apply to me either.

1.  You enjoy your freedom and independence. You like the idea of knowing you can do whatever you want. You enjoy your time with people but solitude is important to you.


2. You’re about that natural, earthy, organic life. You may sometimes annoy your friends with your knowledge of herbal home remedies or the environment.

A scientific study showed that just holding a hot drink made people more likely to rate others as

3. Health is wealth.  Living healthily has now become a habit for you. Since a long time ago you could easily gulp down shots of taste-bad herbal concoctions that would make your peers puke.


4. You’re an activist! You firmly believe everyone should stand up for a cause. You often do volunteer work or have fervent discussions pertaining to an “ISM”: existentialism, feminism, geocentricism, sexism, classism, racism, capitalism, environmentalism, naturalism, neoliberalism, apocalypticism, minimalism… you get the gist.


5. Your diet is ital, vegetarian or vegan. You may not just be healthy in the familiar sense of the word, your health may be on level 1000.

6. You can easily go weeks without shaving any hair, anywhere.

hairy men hairy women


7. You barely wear makeup (if you wear any). Sometimes you may actually want to try to wear it and be fancy but you just don’t know where to begin.

Failed Make up attempt

Then there’s other times you intended to wear makeup, you head out the door or get to the event and that’s when you realized you forgot to put on makeup. Deep down tho… you know you’re naturally beautiful and you can just wear your confidence.


8. You do yoga. You know all about the indego, the chakras, the mudras and malas.


9. You are really into nature. You like to take “adventures” and  strolls to get closer to nature. You could listen to the sounds of critters, the sea or the river all day. Your adventures may include: hiking, rock climbing, surfing and other water sports, landscape and wild life photography etc.

nature meme


10. Animals are your friends. Literally. You love animals enough to work with them, volunteer, share a home, share a bed or share food with them.

cat acting like human meme


11. You often use words/phrases such as vibes, positive vibration, consciousness, subconscious, revolution, indignation, the man and legalize it.


12. You’re artsy or you wish you were. Whether it’s performing arts or visual arts, you usually find a creative way to express yourself.



13. Nothing really bothers you. Your friends describe you as easy-going, chill or laid back.


14. Hippie or Bohemian Fashion. You don’t usually follow fashion trends, however your staple fashion pieces may include: maxi skirts/dresses, head wraps, a flowy ethnic/cultural looking outfit or unique crafty accessories.

bohemian black girl wearing hippie dressbohemian black girl

black male bohemian style Urban hippie


Did any of these relate to you?

-Blogged by Gabrielle Beckford.

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