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Not Too Shy | Sevana

Sevana Siren is the hot new singer and song writer from Westmoreland, Jamaica who is well on her way to making a significant mark in music. Sevana’s sultry smooth voice hypnotizes anyone who listens, including Jamaican artiste Protoje, who after hearing Sevana’s music, found her on Twitter and decided to work with her through his music label, Indiggnation Collective.  Through disciplined assiduousness this 90’s baby has already done international tours and has worked with some of Jamaica’s best performers and producers in her career. Sevana dropped her first EP called “Sevana” in July of this year and a few days ago, she released a video explaining the six tracks on her EP for her fans. I was lucky enough to get extra background info for each of the tracks.  See video and info below.


Sevana on tour
Sevana on tour, courtesy of Joluisier

1. Carry You

What do you think are three advantages of having a brother versus having a sister?

My brother is almost two years younger than me. I have both a brother and a sister and I honestly can’t pin down any real advantages except that my brother and I really understood each other.

2. Bit Too Shy

Have you ever approached a guy?… Any comments on the phenomenon of the woman approaching the man?

Oh yeah I have (approached a guy) and most approaches leave a lot to be desired.  I didn’t realize it was a phenomenon until I got to about 20 years old, and heard so many stories of women waiting on men to approach them as a rule. I guess I missed that lesson and as a teenage girl I asked the men I liked for their numbers and on dates, I didn’t think to wait for them to make a move. Now, after learning it’s such an important and traditional rule it still doesn’t have much weight in my mind.

3. Love the Way

In your opinion, what are three things that make for the best time at a party?

Good company, a DJ who has a good range of music and doesn’t play a new song every 20 seconds and water, for hydration in-between/after sweating and drinking.

4. Easy To Breathe

Did you or someone you know experience depression?

I experience depression even now however it’s not been as crippling in recent years, I remember being 20 or so and I would miss days at work because I just didn’t want to leave my room and I couldn’t stop crying. I also watched my mother suffer depression as a child, I had to talk her through breakdowns, it’s not really part of Jamaican culture to talk about mental health, you hide it until it hopefully goes away so that’s what my mother tried to do. I of course saw her move through those difficult times because we lived in the same house. That’s changing now though, which is necessary.

What are your views on the discussions about depression being a clinical disease?

I think research about depression is important. It is potentially a disease that affects the wellness of the human psyche and physical body. There are studies that have shown that an unwell mind has negative effects on the body. There should be continuous research and development of treatments for depression. There should be continued work on removing the stigma around depression and the thought of it being a fluke. Mental health is key to personal and societal growth.

5. Rawle

What is most important for getting over the death of a friend?


6. Chant It

What are 3 things you search for in a significant other?

Honesty, non-bigoted, good sense of humor, I guess.

Sevana EP Explanation

My favourite song off Sevana’s EP is “Bit Too Shy” and my favourite feature of her is on the track by Protoje, “Sudden Flight”. “Sudden Flight” was actually co-written by Sevana, featured on BBC Xtra’s playlist and it maintained a number one position on the Switzerland Reggae Charts.


Featured image by Randy Richards

EP explanation video by Keon Predi Photography

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