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Married at 25| How and Why?

married at 25. Mickha and Courtney

Married at 25

When I first found out my friend was getting married I was a bit skeptical because of her and her partner’s age. Ah mean… most people these days would rather work on themselves and enjoy freedom for as long as possible before getting married. But then I thought about it some more and I remembered that saying, “age is just a number”. Marriage is a very responsible and selfless endeavour, but all it takes are two people willing to approach it seriously and maturely.

My friend I’m referring to is Mickha, she is 25 and recently got married to her now husband Courtney Francis who is 26. I know nothing about how you go about getting married. However… I had a discussion with Mickha and Courtney. They never offered information as advice but maybe their story may help someone know what to look for in a partner.

Mickha and Courtney’s Story

Mickha and Courtney were dating for almost three years before they got married. Mickha goes to school outside of Jamaica, so their relationship was long distance and allowed them to only see each other for months at a time. Mickha was the first to make a move after she found out about Courtney through a mutual friend. She then searched for Courtney on Facebook and sent him a friend request and the rest was history. When asked what critical factor made them know they were ready to get married, these were essentially their responses:

Mickha: I wanted to get married to Courtney because he fully accepted me. In past relationships I always felt like I had to change to please a man but Courtney accepted every aspect of me. Physical, emotional, spiritual and financial… I also loved the fact that he believed in God and had a similar spiritual journey as me.

Courtney: I loved the fact that Mickha is a kind hearted person. She is very empathetic and understanding with me. She is also secure in herself and I can tell her anything. I’m an entrepreneur so I am working long and hard to make a name for myself and she would always be supportive of my ventures.

Is marriage worth it?

Romanticism and Hollywood movies have ruined our perceptions of what love/marriage is and many millennials are catching on to this. Maintaining a relationship with your work place is easier than maintaining a long term relationship with someone you love. So, is marriage still a big deal? The answer is debatable. But let’s face it, marriage still has many benefits.

Some Benefits of Marriage

Married partners become more cautious. In a Telegraph article, Dr Christopher Fagundes (an Ohio State University researcher) essentially states that a married partner partakes in less risky activity because he/she knows there is someone who depends on them.

A greater possibility of recovering from serious illness. Patients in the hospital who have a supportive partner tend to recover more readily than those without. They are mentally stronger knowing that someone is at home waiting for them to return.

An increased general health. Studies have shown married couples produce less stress hormone, have better cardiac health and live longer lives.

There are also legal benefits to marriage. As the next of kin one marriage partner may make decisions on behalf of the other, such as in hospital visits. There are usually benefits related to taxes, health insurance and life insurance for married couples available.

As the trend of cohabiting instead of marrying rises, it is predicted that there will be demands for policy changes that will increase the benefits of parties involved in this trend of cohabitation. Love is beautiful in any form but the act of contractually promising to give eternal love and support to another is the ultimate show of courage and selflessness. For that, marriage is admirable. I have even more respect for Mickha (Mrs. Francis) and her husband who decided to settle early, seeing that the average age for Millennials to get married is 27 among women and 29 among men.

The following photos are provided by Courtney’s media company, CACC Photography and Videography.

Married at 25. Courtney and Mickha Francis. Image by CACC Photography. Married at 25. Courtney and Mickha Francis. Image by CACC Photography. Married at 25. Courtney and Mickha Francis. Image by CACC Photography. Married at 25. Courtney and Mickha Francis. Image by CACC Photography. DSC_3118 Married at 25. Courtney and Mickha Francis. Image by CACC Photography.

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