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Google’s Latest Artificial Intelligence Could Challenge The Human Race

Google's Latest AI

Google’s Latest AI – AlphaGo

Google’s Latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) Could Challenge The Human Race. Google has partnered with a smaller company to form a new company called Google Deepmind Technologies. Google Deepmind created an artificial intelligence (AI) called AlphaGo, the first AI that seemingly could one day take over the world. According to the Google Deepmind website “The algorithms we build are capable of learning for themselves directly from raw experience or data, and are general in that they can perform well across a wide variety of tasks straight out of the box.”

How It Works

AlphaGo learns from experience and is general purpose. It can learn a wide variety of tasks and improve the execution of each task the longer and more frequently it performs the tasks. The AI machine uses a technique called deep reinforcement learning making it different from other AIs such as IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri and Google Now. This difference is because it is not pre-programmed but uses road pixels as data input, a complex system of deep neural networks and machine learning. It basically mimics the action of the human short term memory.

To put things into perspective, AlphaGo defeated the legendary  Lee Se-dol of South Korea at the hardest board game, Go in March 2016. The Go tournament included a series of 5 gruelling matches played over several days in Seoul, South Korea. Lee was the best international Go player but he met his match when he faced off against AlphaGo who defeated Lee in all 5 matches.


Go is an ancient Chinese board game that has long been considered one of the great challenges faced by AIs.  An objective of AlphaGo’s creators was to make AlphaGo prove its intelligence by defeating the world’s leading human players at Go.  Other AI programs now best the world’s leading human players of games like checkers and chess, but the high level of intuition and evaluation required by Go has made it tough for computers to crack. DeepMind’s AlphaGo is therefore the most advanced AI program to date.

What’s Next?

Google’s Latest AI creators are hoping to introduce this technology in other fields such as health care, customer service and finance. However, caution should be exercised when introducing this technology on a wide scale because as of now the creators are not able to predict the power of the AI system or how it will operate in a wide variety of situations.

Tesla’s Elon Musk and inventor Steve Hawkins have always publicly expressed reservations about advanced self learning Artificial Intelligence and one must agree with their concerns. What does this mean for the future work force and the economy? What will happen to small third world countries who may not be able to keep up with these kinds of changes? What does this mean for the human race? Will we be able to safely place our trust in this technology?

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