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Fun Times at Yaaman Adventure Park at Prospect

yaaman adventures Camel Trekk Adventure

Looking for an awesome full days worth of activities in Ocho Rios, Jamaica? Try Yaaman Adventure Park at Prospect .

Yaaman Adventure Park at Prospect, formerly known as Prospect Plantation, is an 18th Century Estate agricultural property full of rich history and sceneries. The backdrop of the mystical, lush 1000 acres of land make the time at Yaaman Adventures perfect for nature and adventure junkies alike.


So you can know more about why you need to visit Yaaman Adventure Park, here are some cool facts about the place:

Yaaman Adventure Park is a sister park of Dolphins Cove Jamaica and one of the activity packages includes an all inclusive day at Yaaman with a swim with the Dolphins over at Dolphins Cove. Book here.

Yaaman Adventure Park is located on Prospect Plantation in Ocho Rios Jamaica. Prospect Plantation had three owners before the current owner Sir Harold Mitchell, who bought it in 1936.

The historic Great House is perched on a prominent hill at the heart of Prospect Plantation. It overlooks much of the estate and has an uninterrupted view of the Caribbean Sea. The view is called “Sir Harold’s View” and it is said that on clear days one can see the edge of Cuba.

prospect great house

The Mitchell family are very philanthropic. Sir Mitchell started a boys school on the plantation that educate 30 boys from all over the island  for 3 years absolutely free. There is an entrance exam and the top 30 scores island wide, get their high school education paid for by the Mitchell family.

Prospect Estate has a bird’s eye view of the magnificent White River Gorge.

Yaaman’s all-inclusive package includes food, a Jitney tour, a Culinary Experience, Horseback Riding Adventure, Camel Trek Adventure, ‘Wet N’Dirty’ Dune Buggy tour and a Bird Aviary experience.

yaaman adventures Camel Trekk Adventure

Important to note…

My advice to anyone that would like to take part in the all inclusive package is that you should book the first tour or get there as early as possible so that you can get to experience all the activities in your package. Sometimes there is a bit of wait in between the activities but it doesn’t spoil the awesomeness of the experience.

See our video Travel Guide to Yaaman



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