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First Jamaican Patois Speaking Dolls

The first Jamaican Patois-talking doll line called Zuree was recently launched by a Jamaican teacher living in the United Kingdom (UK). Zuree Dolls were officialy launched on November 24, 2016 in the UK and made available for purchase online soon after. Since the launch over 400 orders have been made for the doll from many parts of the world.

Saffron Jackson, the creator of the Zuree doll line says people love the fact that the dolls speak patois. Jackson’s initial motive for creating the dolls was to provide little black girls, like her daughter, with dolls made in their image.  Toya is the first doll from the Zuree doll line and she speaks Jamaican Patois phrases when squeezed, including: ‘Wah gwaan?’ (What’s up?) and ‘Weh yaa seh?’ (How are you doing?).

Toya is a confident and beautiful young girl who has recently moved to the UK from her little island of Jamaica. Toya has dark brown skin and kinky-curly hair and she is sure to make any little girl (of any race or background) happy. Toya also comes with accessories.


Meet Toya…the First Jamaican Patwa talking doll in the world. Made by @zureedolls.

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