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Experience Westmoreland Jamaica

Bluefields Beach, Westmoreland Jamaica

Experience Westmoreland Jamaica

Westmoreland is the most western parish in Jamaica and it is speculated that it’s location is how it got its name. It is one of the most untouched parishes in Jamaica, you truly are heading off the beaten path when you choose to explore this Elysium. Most people know about the most “touristy” part of Westmoreland called Negril. But there are many not so known parts to Westmoreland that will give you the same experiences Negril can give you but with more exclusivity and privacy. For example, Bluefields Beach Westmoreland Jamaica.

bluefields beach, westmoreland jamaica

Explore your wild side

Head to Yardy River Adventure Tours in Fort Williams, Westmoreland for a true outdoors experience and the best river tubing in the Parish.  The list of activities they offer include:

Ecological tours around the parish

Yardy Nature Walk which entails touring the organic farms on the property

White water rafting.

Horseback riding

Dune buggy riding

Yardy River Tubing, which entails floating down a river with parts that are calm and sections with rapids. While tubing, you have the option to stop for a soak in the natural healing Jacuzzi, which is formed because it’s near a point where tributaries meet. You could also get a clay mud massage in the Jacuzzi. 

yardy river tubing, westmoreland, Jamaica

The guides there are very friendly, professional and they ensure you have a good time. The lunches they serve are delicious and filling and it the kitchen is supplied with fresh produce from Yardy’s organic farm. Yardy River Adventure Tours prides themselves on being eco-friendly so when you visit, know that you are supporting a responsible and reputable tourist attraction. For bookings call, 1-876-298-6113 or visit their website

Enchanting Caves of Roaring River

Roaring River gets its name from the roaring sounds it makes, it is located in Petersfield, Westmoreland. The River is beautiful and nice to swim in and is the main water supply to the parish’s capital. The community around Roaring river is very eco-tourist friendly and tour guides from the community are very willing to help you experience all Roaring River has to offer.

roaring river, Westmoreland Jamaica

The Roaring River Park is a heritage and nature park on the site of the Roaring River Estate an ex sugar plantation which belonged to the Beckford family. Here you’ll see stone built aqueducts, learn about the history of the area and enjoy the beauty of the estate.

roaring river, Westmoreland Jamaica

The Roaring River runs underground, before appearing near Petersfield, close to the Roaring River Cave. The cave is an enchanting (and musical) limestone cave with stalactite and stalagmites with a series of limestone caverns and a small mineral spring inside.  It is truly a site to see and explore, especially for the adventurous.

….So what are you waiting for? Get to Westmoreland already!

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