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Christina “Dance a lot” Gonzalez

Christina Gonzalez is a Jamaican dance choreographer and teacher born in St. Ann, Jamaica to mother Champayne and father Christopher Gonzalez. Her father was a world renowned visual artist and her mother a dancer and fitness instructor, making her home the perfect nurturing environment for Christina’s innate artistic abilities.  She studied dance at the Edna Manley College School of Dance and is an Awardee of the Rex Nettleford Award for Choreography. Her ultimate goal is to be a successful performer.

From my encounter with her, I would describe her as lovely, fun loving and humble… I hope you have similar opinions after reading her answers to the following questions.

  1. Do you consider yourself a hippie? If yes, then why?

“No, I don’t consider myself a hippie.”  <– This answer made me a little sad  inside

2. What are you most passionate about?

“I am passionate about life and all it has to offer. I believe that we are here to enjoy it within and beyond our field of interest. So for example, a person that studies law should take an art class and an art major read a book on law. Diversity makes the individual better and more able to understand and appreciate others’ way of life.”

3. What motivates you?

“The idea of success. Success is essentially happiness…  and why would you not want to be happy?”

4. What is your favourate past time other than your passion?

“The beach. My life tends to be fast paced so I like to go to the beach to relax.”

5. When did you start dancing and why?

“I started dancing when I was very young – around the age of 6 years old.”

6. What are some of the dance-related projects you’ve done and/or list some of the people you have worked with?

To sum it up, Christina has danced and choreographed for events such as the YVAs and recording artistes such as Cherine Anderson, Richie Loop and Etana to name a few. She has graced the stage with Jamaican artistes some of which include Sean Paul, Beres Hammond and Taurus Riley. She has also worked with celebrated Jamaican video directors such as Gareth Cobran, Renais Marshall and Dexter Pottinger. More recently Christina was selected as a featured dancer for Nick Canon’s “King of the Dancehall” movie shot in Kingston Jamaica.

7. Are there any other hidden talents you have?

“I’m also a good actress, recently got casted in a commercial for supreme ventures as a young doctor. I’m hoping to pursue this extensively in the near future.”

8. Are there any upcoming projects?

“Well, I started a children’s dance program since 2012 called the Dance A Lot Club and annually we put on shows throughout the year, our most relevant being our Christmas showcase for charity.”

9. What is your opinion on the legalization of weed in Jamaica?

“Weed legalization should prove to be quite profitable for our country however if only one sector of society is positioned to monopolize upon profits then it may not efficiently boost the economy as the distribution of profit will be neither fair nor equal.”

If you would like to see more photos of Christina from our photo shoot visit the Facebook photo album on Light Your Fire Island’s page.

If you enjoy dance videos and “fabulosity” check out her instagram page @chriss_choreo.

chris insta

– Gabrielle Beckford.


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