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Experience Westmoreland Jamaica

Bluefields Beach, Westmoreland Jamaica

Experience Westmoreland Jamaica Westmoreland is the most western parish in Jamaica and it is speculated that it's location is how it got its name. It is one of the most untouched parishes in Jamaica, you truly are heading off the beaten path when you choose to explore this Elysium. Most people

Married at 25| How and Why?

married at 25. Mickha and Courtney

Married at 25 When I first found out my friend was getting married I was a bit skeptical because of her and her partner’s age. Ah mean... most people these days would rather work on themselves and enjoy freedom for as long as possible before getting married. But then I thought

The Best Caribbean Fashion Brands

The Best Caribbean Fashion Brands of 2016 for Bohemian Style. These are the best Caribbean fashion brands of 2016 for Bohemian style.This list is not done in any particular order. These Caribbean fashion brands produce quality products for male and female which are shipped worldwide. Most importantly, the brands are socially and

Not Too Shy | Sevana

Sevana Siren is the hot new singer and song writer from Westmoreland, Jamaica who is well on her way to making a significant mark in music. Sevana’s sultry smooth voice hypnotizes anyone who listens, including Jamaican artiste Protoje, who after hearing Sevana’s music, found her on Twitter and decided to

Animation in Jamaica | Nathanael Hay

animation in Jamaica: Nathaneal Hay

Animation in Jamaica Nathanael Hay is a 24 year old artist born and raised in Jamaica. The award winning artist focuses on animation and illustration. He hopes to do greater things with his work, as he has faith in the animation industry in Jamaica. Despite having a few setbacks and disappointments

Christina “Dance a lot” Gonzalez

Christina Gonzalez is a Jamaican dance choreographer and teacher born in St. Ann, Jamaica to mother Champayne and father Christopher Gonzalez. Her father was a world renowned visual artist and her mother a dancer and fitness instructor, making her home the perfect nurturing environment for Christina’s innate artistic abilities.  She