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Cardi B BE CAREFUL MUSIC VIDEO Hidden Messages

Cardi B Be Careful Music Video Hidden Messages

Cardi B BE CAREFUL MUSIC VIDEO Hidden Messages Cardi B Be Careful. The music video is set in a Catholic church in the desert resembling those you would find in a South American country. The video stars Cardi B and her beau (played by Keith Carlos, ANTM Cycle 21 winner and

Bob Marley’s granddaughter wrongfully detained. Now she sues Police

Donisha Prendergast ( Bob Marley's granddaughter )

Bob Marley's granddaughter wrongfully detained. Now she sues Police. On April 30, 2018 Donisha Prendergast (Bob Marley's granddaughter) was detained while she and two friends were loading luggage into a car outside an Air BnB she rented. The Air BnB happens to be located in a predominantly white neighbourhood in Rialto,

Married at 25| How and Why?

married at 25. Mickha and Courtney

Married at 25 When I first found out my friend was getting married I was a bit skeptical because of her and her partner’s age. Ah mean... most people these days would rather work on themselves and enjoy freedom for as long as possible before getting married. But then I thought

The Best Caribbean Fashion Brands

The Best Caribbean Fashion Brands of 2016 for Bohemian Style. These are the best Caribbean fashion brands of 2016 for Bohemian style.This list is not done in any particular order. These Caribbean fashion brands produce quality products for male and female which are shipped worldwide. Most importantly, the brands are socially and

First Jamaican Patois Speaking Dolls

The first Jamaican Patois-talking doll line called Zuree was recently launched by a Jamaican teacher living in the United Kingdom (UK). Zuree Dolls were officialy launched on November 24, 2016 in the UK and made available for purchase online soon after. Since the launch over 400 orders have been made


neisha wattley

Here is a story about Neisha Wattley who received a free house from the Trinidad & Tobago Housing Development Corporation. Her new free house is located in a remote housing scheme, that is still being developed and is far from where her children go to school. She therefore finds it difficult

Sean Paul On Marcus Garvey Movie, Cultural Appropriation

Sean Paul speaks about Marcus Garvey on The Breakfast Club

Sean Paul wants a Marcus Garvey movie made and speaks on cultural appropriation Sean Paul is an internationally acclaimed Jamaican artiste who recently achieved his 3rd number 1 single on the UK charts. Several days ago he did an interview with the radio show, The Breakfast Club in New York where he

8 Tips for Foreign Students in College

foreign student

To my foreign students I know college can be difficult, and going away from home to a different country can make it even more difficult. To avoid making the same mistakes I did, take heed of these general tips that may make your life easier as foreign students. These tips can

Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2016

trinidad & tobago film festival 2016 - ttff

Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival 2016 The Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (TTFF) 2016 kicks off today (September 20, 2016) and will be running until September 27, 2016. The film festival will feature some internationally acclaimed films including The Academy Awards-nominated film, Embrace of the Serpent. The TTFF started in 2006