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The Best Caribbean Travel Bloggers on Instagram

Caribbean travel bloggers to follow on Instagram

If you were searching for some travel inspiration to know it’s possible to travel far and wide, even on a Caribbean passport and without breaking the bank, you have found it. Here are Light Your Fire Island’s top picks for 2016 of Caribbean travel bloggers to follow on Instagram. This list is not done in any particular order, it includes travelers who are Caribbean nationals, non-Caribbean travelers who showcase the Caribbean and those who give inspiration for travel to the Caribbean.

David McCauseland @em_see_see

David is 26 year old, born in Jamaica and travels for a living. He is also a member of the IMD Worldwide Travel Group. He’s been to Amsterdam, Paris and Abu Dhabi, just to name a few and his IG (Instagram) page will give you inspiration or FOMO (fear of missing out).

Been a KING my whole life so I should’ve got a Ceasar … ? #iLikeMyMohawkThough #IMDWorldWide ✈️?

A photo posted by David McC (@em_see_see) on


Gabrielle Agostini @thetrinitraveller

Gabrielle is Trinidad and Tobagonian, she still resides there but travels frequently. She has travelled to over 46 countries and she uses her experiences to give advice on her blog

Rudolph Louis -Marie @rurufwi

Ruru  is a 27 year old Martiniquean, who proudly reps the French West Indies. He has lived in Paris and travelled to some countries like Japan, Thailand and even Dubai. His IG page is awesome and his youtube videos poignantly bring his IG photos to life.


Shea Powell @theworldupcloser

Shea is a Jamaican travel blogger who promotes the idea that it is possible to travel the world on a Jamaican passport. She has been to countries like South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, all of which don’t require a visa from Jamaican nationals. She gives more details of her travels on her blog

Calm morning swim ?? @clubmedpuntacana .. Which do you prefer.. Pool or beach?

A photo posted by Shea Powell (@theworldupcloser) on

Quinn Russell @travellersbazaar

Quinn is a Bahamian who shows you the world from his perspective as an architectural designer.  He also has some pretty great Youtube videos which showcase his travels to luxury destinations around the world.

Benjamin Hodara @be_jaminbenj

If you want the ultimate guide to Jamaica which includes info on some of Jamaica’s best kept secrets then Benjamin’s IG page is the one to follow. His posts are mostly of outdoor activities off the beaten paths of Jamaica.

Country pools to wash off the heart ?… #beatdisummaheat #sippingscotch #jamaica

A photo posted by @be_jaminbenj on


Christina S @theislandlife

Christian is a Haitian travel blogger who is dedicated to showing the many good parts of Haiti (not the slander that the western media portrays as Haiti). She also showcases her travels to other Caribbean islands. With over 1000 pictures posted and 10 thousand followers, her IG page is #winning as she promotes travel to Haiti.

Cheers to the week-end #thisishaiti #haiti #ig_caribbean #ig_haiti #islandlife #myhaiti

A photo posted by Christina S (@theislandlife) on

Ryan @rumshopryan

Ryan is a rum judge who loves to share his experiences as he travels through the Caribbean and samples the culture and most importantly, the rum! Ryan is from the US but he is an honorary Island boy due to his show of love and appreciation for the Caribbean and his frequent travel here. Learn more of his experiences on

Chrissann Nickel @womanonarock

Chrissann originally hails from California but she has been an expat living in Virgin Goda, British Virgin Islands since 2006. On her blog she shares experiences of living in the British Virgin Islands and of travels to other Caribbean Islands.

Monday is best started upside down ? #flipyourperspective #yogafirst ✌?️

A photo posted by Chrissann Nickel (@womanonarock) on

Tara Donaldson @tararielle

Tara is a Trinidad and Tobagonian and a professional travel writer. She travels the world and writes of her experiences for various magazines and websites such as CNN Travel and The Huffington Post. Live vicariously through the magesticness of her IG page. You can get travel advice from her blog

I made it to the Great Pyramids! Another world wonder down. #joy

A photo posted by Tara Donaldson (@tararielle) on

Light Your Fire Island @lightyourfireisland

Yes, a shameless plug. is a blog all about that island hippie-bohemian lifestyle and the IG page mainly showcases the travel aspect of the lifestyle. The IG page gives travel inspiration and details on different locations throughout the Caribbean. Followers can also use the hashtag #lightyourfireisland for their travel and adventure photos to be reposted on the @lightyourfireisland IG page.

Travel is travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s done locally, regionally or internationally. The point of travelling is not to have the opportunity to brag that you been somewhere. Travelling puts you out of your comfort zone and makes you learn things about yourself. You also learn things about a culture and you gain more empathy and a more opened mind from travelling.

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