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The Best Caribbean Fashion Brands

The Best Caribbean Fashion Brands of 2016 for Bohemian Style.

These are the best Caribbean fashion brands of 2016 for Bohemian style.This list is not done in any particular order. These Caribbean fashion brands produce quality products for male and female which are shipped worldwide. Most importantly, the brands are socially and environmentally conscious.


This Jamaican owned brand produces very unique fashion clothing and accessories with designs aimed at making the wearer culturally aware.  It is not unusual to find cultural emblems and messages incorporated into her designs, such as those of Marcus Garvey.

MYRRH #RootsDivine

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Wadada Movement

‘Wadada’ is the Amharic word for ‘love’, the Wadada Movement designs are intended to bring love into its costumer’s life. Wadada Movement has blossomed from small Trinidadian fashion label, into a Caribbean lifestyle brand.

Steppin out of 2016 like … ?? #WadadaMovement

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Peta Odini

Peta Odini is the label headed by Vincentian creator and designer Peta Odini Sutherland. The brand was principally a men’s wear fashion brand but now we see it has provided clothing and accessories for both sexes and for all ages. The pieces are very artsy and cute, most with signature prints and patterns created by the designer Peta.

Just added new bomber jackets to the @kimyaglasgowboutique

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We Dream In Colour

This Jewelry brand provides pieces that are earthy, yet bold and different. The company is based in Massachusetts, USA but it was founded by a Trinidadian and they ship worldwide. Many of We Dream In Colour products are made through eco-friendly methods with repurposed materials.

Caribbean Sandals Co.

This brand, founded by a Jamaican couple, makes signature sandals with a range of versatility that allow for the sandals to be worn from a fabulous day at the beach to an elegant night out.  All sandals are hand crafted and made with genuine leather.

Lotus flower gladiator -#caribbeansandalscompany #caribbeangirlsrunit #CSC #classy #orderviawhatsapp #numberinbio ?

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King Kesia

King Kesia is culturally influenced fashion. This Barbados owned brand embodies the personality of its designer Kesia Estwick, who incorporates her hand painted patterns and pictures into many of the designs.

Updating my etsy tonight families ??? #blackfashion #loclivin #barbados #black #satin

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Story and Myth

The staple pieces from this line of jewelry are bracelets and necklaces made from plant seeds called job’s tears which naturally come with holes down the centre.  Job’s Tears are Mother Nature’s jewelry beads, therefore making Story and Myth jewelry line natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Fanm Djanm

Fanm Djanm known for boldly designed head wraps by Haitian born designer Paola “Pao Pao” Mathé. The meaning of the brand’s name is “strong woman” in Haitian Kreyol, which makes is appropriate as Paola started selling head wraps from her apartment in Harlem, New York and then turned Fanm Djamn into a lifestyle brand.


BENE CARIBE is a Trinidad and Tobagonian brand that produces unique apparel and hand-crafted accessories made from Batik fabric. Batik is the art of using intricate hand dyeing methods to produce unique patterns on fabrics.


Novah Swimwear

This luxury Bermudian swimwear line “is for vivacious women that are destined to journey to distant lands and to swim in far off seas; women who are wild at heart.”


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