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Cardi B BE CAREFUL MUSIC VIDEO Hidden Messages

Cardi B Be Careful Music Video Hidden Messages

Cardi B BE CAREFUL MUSIC VIDEO Hidden Messages

Cardi B Be Careful. The music video is set in a Catholic church in the desert resembling those you would find in a South American country. The video stars Cardi B and her beau (played by Keith Carlos, ANTM Cycle 21 winner and who is of Jamaican descent). The video generally has a gothic catholic theme indicated by the coloration of the video and the fashion worn by the video’s cast.

Generally one gets the gist of the song “Be Careful” but the music video provides more context and entertainment. The video starts with a wedding and ends with a funeral. The funeral seems like an alternate ending, like a threat, alluding to what will become of the beau if he isn’t careful with Cardi B. However, without noticing you may miss these other hidden messages in the video:


Upside down crucifix in Be Careful music video by Cardi B

Throughout the video, there’s plenty of imagery of the crucifix. This could symbolize current persecution and suffering of Cardi B or the coming persecution of the beau. Sometimes there are shots seen of Cardi B walking in an ominous manner holding a cross upside down, this could symbolize ANTI, rebellion, the fact that she is resisting her beau’s bad behaviour which she laments about during the song.


The first time Cardi B is fully shown in the video is in her white wedding dress, glowing and looking all angelic. This perhaps indicates that she is the good one in the relationship and her beau is the one with the problem.

Cardi B Be Careful Music Video Hidden Messages
Cardi B


There are shots during the wedding that follow the movements of some women, some of these are presumably the exes of Cardi B’s beau. These women don’t look happy at the wedding and they look even sadder at the funeral.


During the wedding, there is a shot of an “abuela” (grandma) with a worried face fanning herself. Then, there is a close-up shot of her hands with rosary beads which are commonly used when praying. At the funeral, there is a close-up shot of the “abuela’s” face, this time she is smirking and seems smitten with the reality of the beau’s funeral. I guess “abuela” didn’t like the idea of Cardi B getting married to this guy.


There is a moment in the video where a there is a tight shot of a gun in the lap of a woman in the congregation right when Cardi B raps the line “It all stops so abrupt, we started switchin’ it up”. This perhaps indicates that she was the one who ended her beau’s life with a gun, or the woman holding the gun was the one who killed him.


At the very end of the video, Cardi B is finally carrying the white cross upright as she walks, then she stabs it into the ground. After it is revealed that she just stuck the cross into his burial place, the video ends with a shot of the cross and the repetitive line of the song “Be careful with me”.

keith carlos
Keith Carlos


These hidden messages were all based on my opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt.


What hidden messages did you notice?

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