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Bob Marley’s granddaughter wrongfully detained. Now she sues Police

Donisha Prendergast ( Bob Marley's granddaughter )

Bob Marley’s granddaughter wrongfully detained. Now she sues Police.

On April 30, 2018 Donisha Prendergast (Bob Marley’s granddaughter) was detained while she and two friends were loading luggage into a car outside an Air BnB she rented. The Air BnB happens to be located in a predominantly white neighbourhood in Rialto, California in the US. An elderly female neighbour called the police because she thought the activities of Prendergast and company were suspicious… she thought they were stealing.

These are the kinds of situations POC (people of color) have to worry about when travelling to the states?

Prendergast was forced to call the owner of the house to verify that she was staying at the Air BnB legally. Prendergast and company were detained for a further 45 minutes until the police concluded she was telling the truth.

She posted the incident on Instagram:



Prendergast and friends came to California for the “We Will Rize Together” event (of the Kaya Fest), which she was to attend later. According to one of the friends, “The cops admit that the woman’s reason for calling the police was because we didn’t WAVE to her as she looked at us putting our luggage into our car from her lawn. #wedidntwave.”

On May 7, 2018. Prendergast’s team informed the police department that there was pending legal action.

This is Wendy Williams’ take on the situation:

Do you believe she should sue police or the nosy neighbour? Do you think this was a case of racial profiling?


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