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The Best Caribbean Nude Beaches

Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica

Nude Beaches

In this article nudist and naturist will be used interchangeably. From family friendly to not so tame, this list includes 10 safe and comfortable nude beaches in the Caribbean. Get a full body tan laying out on the sands of these beaches.

Hawksbill Bay, Antigua

Hawksbill Bay is a white sand beach that got its name after a uniquely shaped offshore rock formation. Nudity isn’t allowed on the entire Bay, Hawksbill Bay is divided into 4 sections with only 1 section, called Eden beach, being clothing-optional. This beach is the only clothing-optional beach in the island out of Antigua’s legendary 365 beaches — 1 for each day of the year. 

Eden Beach in Hawksbill Bay, Antigua. Caribbean Nude Beaches
Eden Beach in Hawksbill Bay, Antigua

Caliente Caribe, Dominican Republic

Caliente Caribe is an all-inclusive resort located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic where behavior “never needing an apology” is expected. Caliente Caribe is as laid-back or high-energy or Erotic as you wish, depending on the group/time frame you visit. The entire resort is clothing optional so you can feel as free as you want, anywhere, any time.

Hedonism is located in Negril, Jamaica. It is the only all-inclusive nude beach resort in the island. They’ve tried to tone down the anything-goes image a bit, but it’s still an adult play house. Hedonism II is a sandbox for your inner child, and nourishment for the mind, body, spirit, and soul.


Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica

Sandals Royal Caribbean is an adults only resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The resort has a private island just off-shore that is sectioned into clothing optional and clothed areas. Not many people know that there is a nude beach on the island because it isn’t advertised but the resort does in fact provide amenities for the naturists. The clothing-optional beach is a nice area with loungers and several palapas for shade and is serviced by bar tenders/waiters who may carry drinks to guest from the Thai bar of the clothed area on the private island.


Couples Tower Isle, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Couples Tower Isle is Jamaica’s first couples-only all-inclusive resort. The resort is located in Ocho Rios, it has a small  private island just offshore for sunbathing au naturel. The island has a very small beach with a pool that has a the swim-up bar which also offers a light lunch-time buffet.


Booby Cay, Jamaica

Booby Cay is a public islet off Negril, Jamaica, its name was derived from the booby birds that flock there each year. Booby Cay is surrounded by coral reef, making it a good site for snorkeling. The island is not officially clothing-optional however it is a common spot for naturists because of the island’s seclusion.


The most casual naturist may want to choose the French Caribbean nude beaches. Public nudity is strictly forbidden but basically all the beaches in the French Caribbean are top optional and several are clothing optional. It isn’t a big deal whether you go topless or nude as life revolves around the vacation not the nudity.

PointeTarare, Guadeloupe. Caribbean Nude Beaches
PointeTarare, Guadeloupe. Photo source: Naturist Travel


Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barths

Saline Beach is the most popular and photographed beach in St Barths. The beach is breath-taking with famous entry dunes and crystal blue waters. Saline Beach maintains an undeveloped and isolated appeal and is accessible only on foot from the parking area.

Anse du Gouverneur, St. Barths

It is virtually unspoiled and it’s long white beach seems to stretch endlessly.  There is no building on this beach, so when you go there, you can expect a feeling of total privacy. Scenic cliffs line the sand, and it’s possible to catch glimpses of St. Kitts in the distance. The water is perfect for snorkeling and exploring. According to legend, one of the most famous French pirates, Monbars, had hidden his treasure in one of the caves by Gouveneur Beach. There are no buildings/amenities on the beach, however the beach provides a bit of shade.

Pointe Tarare, Guadeloupe

Pointe Tarare has been a clothing-optional beach since 1964. Pointe Tarare is only accessible by a short and easy hike but luckily there’s a small Cafe at the beginning of the trail. The waters of Pointe Tarare are pristine, with the perfect clarity for snorkeling. There is no shade or amenities provided on the beach so go prepared. 


A favorite of naturists, Club Orient is the only family friendly nudist beach resort in the island of St. Martin and the entire Caribbean. So yes, it is normal to see entire families in the buff there. The resort itself isn’t all-inclusive, but it does offer an all-inclusive, clothing-optional day cruise.

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