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A Revolution Towards Selflessness is Needed in Jamaica

“Let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.” – Ernesto Che Guevera.

With the Jamaican Election Day imminent, I wonder about the state and well-being of my country. The economy grows at a dilatory pace, multinational corporations seemingly easily buy and operate Jamaica’s assets and the health ministry needs prayer. With all these issues, Jamaicans need a selfless zealot to lead us, like Dr. John Magufuli (President of the third world, African, Republic of Tanzania) for an attempt at real change. I’m not saying following Magufuli’s methods will definitely work for our government but his methods have effected change so far, so it’s worth a try.


President Magufuli

A blogger from the the Huffington Post wrote:

“Since being sworn in as Tanzania’s president on November 5, 2015 John Magufuli has been cracking down on corruption and wasteful spending, which are problems that continue to plague many African nations. Among Magufuli’s measures includes cancelling Tanzania’s Independence Day celebration and instead using the nation’s funds to battle the cholera outbreak. Rather than celebrating Tanzania’s independence with an elaborate ceremony, Magufuli called on citizens to clean up around the country. Magufuli himself participated in these efforts by personally cleaning up the rubbish outside of the state house. He has banned unnecessary foreign travel for government officials. He reduced the cabinet from 30 ministers to 19. After witnessing patients sleeping on the floor at the state hospital in Tanzania’s capital, Magufuli fired the managing director of the hospital.


Magufuli previously served as Tanzania’s works minister. In this position he earned the nickname the “Bulldozer” due to his ability to expedite the construction of roads. Although Magufuli has been in office for a few months now, his reforms are making him a very popular leader in East Africa. “What Would Magufuli Do” has become a popular trend on social media in Africa, in which people post pictures of themselves applying Magufuli’s values to their daily lives by saving money in ridiculous ways.”

The excerpt was taken from an article entitled “What Would Magufuli Do: How Tanzania’s President is Fighting Corruption”. Magufuli also cut down on international trips to meetings for himself and other government officials and opted to use communications technology instead. He also decreased the use of security escorts/personal drivers (this I found a bit dangerous).

The point is, I can’t imagine any of our party leaders taking on the responsibility (of Prime Minister) in such a passionate and radical manner, not caring to pander to “investors” or capitalists who doe care one heck about Jamaica. With the country in its current state, I hope they (party leaders) realize how arduous a task it would be to improve Jamaica, I hope they realize Jamaican citizens are in a chronic state of dissatisfaction and indignation and I hope they realize most of us are tired of splendid rhetoric and no action. Let us pray they will realize.

– Gabrielle Beckford

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