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15 Places to Go in Tobago

Tobago, the smaller of the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, is a very laid back place filled with amorous beaches. Tobago has much more to offer than the option of laying out on the beaches. Dive into the adventures of this little island with this list of 15 places to go in Tobago – beach or no beach.

Before I begin the list, I just want to point out that Speyside is the best part of Tobago. Those who want a more laid back vacation and experience living in a small, secluded seaside town with scenic views need to go to Speyside.  The area has both luxury and affordable accommodation and there are other activities such as spear fishing, diving etc.

  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Speyside

Ok, so the best glass bottom boat tours in Speyside, Tobago are the Blue Waters Inn’s tours and Fear Not Glass Bottom Boat Tours. Blue Waters Inn Tours can only be accessed through the hotel, non-hotel visitors, park in a separate parking and are guided to the dock.  This tour includes snorkelling (with gear provided) and a boat and/or walking tour of the small islands Little Tobago and Goat Island.

Fear Not Glass Bottom Boat Tours run their business on the roadside/beach. It is located about two shops up from the Jammes restaurant. Safe roadside parking is available for visitors. This tour also includes snorkelling (with gear provided) and a boat and/or walking tour of the small islands Little Tobago and Goat Island. For more info call 1-868-269-6518 or 1-868-660-4654

Blue Waters Inn Tours are a flat rate of $180 TTD per adult (children price varies), while Fear Not Glass Bottom Boat Tours cost $180 TTD for foreigners and $120 TTD for locals. The tours leave twice a day.

  • Speyside Look Out Point

Just before you get to the glass bottom boat tours, there is a tourist site called the Speyside Look Out Point. It is a little park on a hill with bench seating and parking, that has the ultimate scenic view of Speyside and surrounding communities below. Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful here, but be careful, there is no security provided for the park.

Located in Roxborough, is Tobago’s best and highest (175 ft) waterfall, the Argyle falls. The entrance fee is $30 TTD and after paying at the visitor’s centre, there is an easy 15-minute hike on a forest trail to the falls. Wildlife can be spotted as you walk the trail and an Argyle Falls guide can be provided for group trips. Argyle falls is suitable for all (It is not wheelchair accessible). Further down the cascading river there are shallow pools, for the young, while to get to the highest point of the falls requires a steep climb, for the adventure junkies.

This outdoors activity park for all ages is located in Black Rock, Tobago, behind the YMCA swimming pool (foreigners may find this place hard to locate). The activities include ATV rides, trampoline, toy bike rides and zip line. Trampolines cost 10$tt per ride, zip line cost 20$tt toy bikes/cars cost 20$tt for 6 laps. Laps on ATV is $35 one person and two persons $50. There is an extra cost added for valley rides and an extra cost added for mountain rides. Please note that the prices may be updated, call 1-868-310-1862 for more info.

This glass bottom boat tour, involves snorkelling in the Bucco Reef’s Coral Gardens followed by a swim in the Nylon Pool (snorkelling gear may be provided). Between the shore and the reef is the Nylon Pool, an offshore sandbar that has formed a metre-deep pool in the middle of the ocean. Legend has it: Nylon Pool brings youth to those who swim in it. The tours leave Pigeon Point and Store Bay twice daily and are roughly 2.5 hours. The tour operators are usually found on the beach or dock. The cost ranges from $60 – $150 TTD.

Another great place to watch the Tobago sunrise and sunset is at Fort King George. The fort is located on top of a hill and gives a scenic view of Scarborough and the Atlantic Ocean.  The rustic old buildings and cannons with the backdrop of the sea, take you to another era.  The fort is open with security available 24/7 and there are free guided tours of this heritage sight starting 9am. There is also a history museum on the compound; entry fee to the museum is $10 TTD for adults, $5 TTD for teens and $2 TTD for children. There is no entry fee to the fort.

This UNESCO heritage site is perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers. It is best to go in small groups with a local tour guide who knows the area to maximise the chances of spotting the animals and critters. The trails are lined by diverse flora and fauna. According to UNESCO, “it is estimated that the rainforest provides habitats for twelve to sixteen species of mammals out of the nearly ninety mammal species in the Caribbean region, twenty-four non-poisonous snakes, sixteen lizards and two hundred and ten species of birds, the most outstanding being the White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird – that is both rare and endemic to Tobago.”

Nightlife in Tobago

There isn’t much of a night life in Tobago but the best of it happens in Bon Accord, with the most activity filled nights occurring on the weekends.

This famous Sunday School Lime has nothing to do with church. It is a Sunday street party which starts at 9pm with live musical entertainment, then after about 12pm the music changes as local DJs start to spin beats, more locals show up and it becomes a street dance party. Drinks are served at the bar and tasty local food is available from the food stalls.

This is a popular (and said to be the best) night club in Tobago. Both locals and visitors can dance the night away to the sounds provided by the DJ. The music includes what you would expect to hear in a Caribbean night club: soca, dancehall, hip hop and pop music.

This is a popular bar and lounge on Old Milford Road. In the afternoon and evenings they operate more like a restaurant but as the night progresses there is more of a party, night lounge vibe. On select nights they have events such as karaoke and live performances by soca artistes. However, the best nights for partying are on Friday and Saturday.


All the beaches in Tobago are stunning but listed are the best beaches to go to.

According to Travel Tobago, “English Man’s Bay is widely considered Tobago’s hidden gem. It is about 40 minutes from Scarborough and is nestled between the villages of Castara and Parlatuvier. English Man’s Bay was named by Travel Channel as one of the best Caribbean beaches.”

This beach is located on the leeward side of Tobago and is one of the more secluded beaches. There are bars, restaurants and a craft shop located near the entrance.

  • Lovers Bay, Charlotteville

This beach is a hidden gem as it is only accessible by boat from Charlotteville. Crushed shells give the aptly named romantic beach its sparkling pink appearance. You have to hire a local or one of the fishermen at Charlotteville to provide transportation. Depending on who you ask, it should cost $30 to $50 TTD per person, round-trip. There are no amenities on this beach. It is ideal for snorkeling and paddle boarding. There is a river that comes to the sea further up the coast.

Pigeon Point jetty

This is the least secluded of the beaches as it is the most popular beach in Tobago. It has turquoise blue water, beautiful soft white sand, shade provided by palm trees and amenities. At the end of the pier at Pigeon Point Beach is the frequently photographed, thatched-roof hut, which has become the emblem Tobago. The water at Pigeon Point is calm and is perfect for swimming. Activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing and jet skiing are done on the beach.


Just outside the entrance to pigeon point, is a tiny shack. It is not easily noticed because it doesn’t look like much, but once you go to the back deck of the restaurant, you will understand all the rage about this place. Seated on the deck overlooking the sea, guests are offered options of fresh lobster and other seafood dishes with sides. The menu is not very diverse but it’s affordable and the food is deliciously prepared.  Reservation is required as they have a maximum seating capacity of about 16.

This cute restaurant is popular amongst visitors staying in Speyside; however they don’t serve alcoholic beverages. Seating is located on a raised deck which gives a picturesque view of the sea. Delicious local dishes are served and they accommodate vegetarians. Dishes such as their breadfruit pie with fried plantain can be made for those who request.

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