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10 Places In Jamaica You Should Go

10 Things to do in Jamaica

We all know Jamaicans like to go out and have a good time… it’s one thing we will always find the time and money for. It’s still a new year and you can still take a new shot at your new year’s resolution and being more adventurous (I don’t care if anyone else thinks otherwise). Therefore, I have created a list of suggestions of different and fun places or activities you should try before the year ends. All suggestions are budget friendly and geared towards locals or expatriates.

Get-Away Hide-Away

1. Serendipity Holistic Resort and Spa

You may have heard of this one… This hidden gem in the hills offers a healing ambiance.  The cabins and facilities are eco-friendly and you can hear and see nature throughout the entire resort. Speaking of nature, they have a petting zoo with birds, rabbits, goats, sheep and more.  They offer day passes, spa services and often host events by the river located on the property such as yoga, meditation and dance sessions, visitors can swim in the river.  Serendipity is perfect for any age and is located at Redlight District, Irish Town St. Andrew.

Outdoorsy Fun/Adventure

2. Jamnesia Surf

Home is where the surf is. Jamnesia is a family run business located at 8 Miles, Bull Bay in St. Andrew. Jamnesia mainly offers surfing lessons; surfing lessons are held virtually all year round and depends on the seasons and location of surf. They offer surfing equipment to surfer students who are without. You can surf at their home base or take part in “Surfaris” which are daylong trips to spots such as Boston Beach, Long Bay, Roselle and Prospect among others. Jamnesia also has a hostel, a mini skate park and surfing competitions throughout the year, the main one being the Makka Pro International Surf Contest in the summer. Every other Saturday you can enjoy live music and good vibes at Jamnesia Sessions.

3. Dacosta Farm

Dacosta Farm is a recreational park, located in Hill Run St. Catherine. The fish farm turned theme park provides the perfect family friendly atmosphere for adventure seekers. Its activities include paintballing, fishing and dining (some food is even fresh off the farm), it also has a kiddies play area. Dacosta Farm along with MDK events will be hosting a Paintballing competition in April, 2016. The competition will require groups of eight (8) to compete against each other to win cash prizes and gift certificates.

4. Wata Land

You may have heard of this one before also…. Wata Land is a recreational water park with activities for all ages located in St. Mary. The park is wheelchair accessible and accommodating to the elderly. Some of the activities available at the park include: sliding on one of their three (3) slides, kayaking, hiking, swimming and dining.

5. Paragliding Jamaica

They don’t offer a one-time paragliding ride but offer paragliding lessons. When you pay a package price you get to practice paragliding and are taught by a certified paragliding instructor about the fundamentals of gliding through the sky over the course of a few months to a year. Fly/launching zones are usually in the vicinity of Papine in St. Andrew, Malvern or Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth and Kervine in Manchester. Anyone who is able can sign up but it would help if you’ve at least tried paragliding, parasailing or a similar sport once before or you’re not afraid of heights.


6. Kingston Dub Club

The Kingston Dub Club promises 100% live authentic Roots Rockers Reggae every Sunday night. Kingston Dub Club is located at 7b Skyline Drive, Jack’s Hill making it the best spot for viewing Kingston City’s night lights. Dub Club offers a back yard vibe, refreshments and soul shaking live music and performances.

7. Nanook

Nanook is a creative space and lounge located at 20 Burlington Avenue, Kingston. Various event series are hosted at Nanook throughout the year, the most popular being Sankofa Sessions: a weekly Jazz, Afro, World music event with live art, food and drumming. Sankofa Sessions are currently on a break but Nanook hosts other events such as Level UP! held every Tuesday and  yoga and meditation sessions every Sunday. Nanook also offers hostel accommodations to tourists and locals.

A night at Level UP!  typically includes a segment of enlightening and uplifting discussion (reasoning) and a showcase segment involving audio-visual elements and  performing and visual artists. The event is facilitated by a network of local and international cultural figures and icons. Level UP! gatherings are centred around monthly themes which promote appreciation of Jamaica’s cultural heritage and raises awareness of global issues and their local implications. The March edition of Level UP! will celebrate Women’s Empowerment.

8. Latin Nights by Salsa Jamaica

Latin nights in Jamaica
Latin nights in Jamaica

Salsa Jamaica’s objective is to spread Latin dance across the island and bring back couples dancing. The group offers beginner, intermediate and advanced international salsa dance classes mostly in Kingston and St. Andrew where weekly classes are held. Tuesday classes are at Escape 24/7 Bar and Grill in New Kingston, Wednesday classes at Regency Lounge, Terra Nova Hotel and Fridays upstairs New Kingston Shopping Centre. It’s perfect for date night but my single friends can join too and you won’t feel left out as you will see other single people there. Anyone can join!


9. Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine

Beirut, located in Market Place, St. Andrew is a restaurant that offers authentic Middle Eastern food. Its romantic decor and design complete with Hookahs can make it feel like you’re really in Lebanon or some place in the orient. On special nights they have live entertainment by belly dancers. Beirut’s menu is surprisingly affordable and they offer the option of dining inside or outside on a romantic, dimly lit porch. This restaurant is suitable for any occasion: date nights, celebrations etc.

10. Ali’s Roti Shop

Ali’s Roti offer’s Trini (Trinidadian/Tobagonian) food, you can dine in, order to go or get food delivered to you. They offer popular Trini foods such as roti (you guessed it), pholourie, aloo pie and doubles to name a few. They also offer regular universally Caribbean foods such as fried chicken, rice and peas etc. Ali’s Roti Shop is located at 25 Annette Crescent, Kingston (across from Mega Mart).

Sorry about most of the suggestions being in St. Andrew but I do hope these suggestions are useful to you. If you’ve tried all/most of these places already well just do something else that’s adventurous and feel free to tell me about it.

Blogged by Gabrielle Beckford.

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  1. Hey Shantell, sorry I don’t get to venture there often enough tell you about new (and affordable) places to go. If you know of good places you could suggest some to let the ppl know.

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